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If you have been harmed or injured by a product, then the product was not safe for use and the distributor, wholesaler or vendor may be held liable for your injury. This means that you could be awarded product liability compensation to make up for your inconvenience and suffering.  If you are injured as a result of a defective product, it is quite normal for you to think, do I have a claim?  In many case, the answer is that yes, you do have a personal injury claim for which you could recover compensation in a product liability claim.  You will need expert help to make such a claim.

What is product liability?

Referring mostly to retail items but applying to anything that can be sold and bought, the ultimate goal of pursuing product liability claims is to ensure the protection of innocent consumers from faulty and defective products, whilst improving the safety of products that are placed onto the market for use by the end consumers. Even if you were not the original purchaser of a product, if you have been injured using it due to a design, manufacturing or marketing defect, you can claim for product liability compensation following those injuries, and for any financial losses you suffer as a direct result.

The Consumer Protection Act of 1987 allows you to pursue a claim for compensation against the producer of a product, if you can show it to be defective and that you suffered an injury as a result of the defect. Usefully, this Act introduced strict liability for damage arising from defective products in England and Wales. The term ‘product’ is wide reaching, but interestingly includes pharmaceutical products, such as vaccines, and over the counter and prescription medication and medical devices, including replacement joints.

Have you suffered an allergic reaction to hair dye, an allergic reaction or ill effects following vaccines, or suffered physical injury by a product not performing as it should? You could be entitled to injury compensation.

A product is said to be defective if, when it was supplied, it did not meet the reasonable expectation of the people using it.  As you can see, this is also quite wide in definition, and the area is complex.  The next step is to to complete the quick and easy form and contact the expert injury solicitors for a FREE No Obligation Assessment of Your Claim solicitor in order to decide upon the best path to make your claim.

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In this difficult time, you need an injury solicitor you can trust and who is going to look after your best interests. This is the foundation of what we do at Richardsons & Co Solicitors Limited. You can feel confident that making your product liability claim with us is easy, simple, and pain-free, with any inconvenience to you kept at a minimum. Let us fight for you, to win the personal injury compensation you deserve, and be the friendly, reassuring voice you need at this time.

You may be eligible for compensation. Do not miss out – claim today. Call our personal injury lawyers in Cheshire today on 01270 747154, or complete the simple form here and we’ll take good care of you.

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