At its heart, the NHS is a National institution of which we should be justifiably proud. Should the worst happen to you, or you are the victim of an accident and injury that was not your responsibility, you are certain that medical care free of charge is available immediately when you need it. Rightly, that gives you a sense of confidence that if the worst should happen, you would receive medical care, and you and your family would not be left with a large bill for the privilege.

However, it is becoming increasingly and worryingly common today, for people to undergo operations on the NHS and for such operations to be unsuccessful, due to the medical negligence of the NHS and the surgeon. We all know that surgery is not a guarantee for 100% recovery and that it comes with risks, but those risks should be fully explained before the operation is undertaken. However, all operations must be undertaken with full exercise of skill and care. Sadly it is apparent that basic errors of judgement and common threads of problems during operations are apparent in these times. What many people do not know, is that if you have been the victim of a negligently undertaken operation, you are entitled to pursue a claim for injury compensation, for the medical negligence you have suffered following a ‘botched-up’ operation.

Operations are very stressful events for patients. It is a very important job undertaken by the surgeons, and one for which they are handsomely rewarded. What must never be forgotten, is that patients literally put their lives as well as their trust and faith into the hands of their surgeons, rightly therefore, expecting them to be fully competent to carry out that operation.

Due to the strain placed on the NHS these days, it is sadly all too common for operations to be carried out negligently and often to cause more problems than they were intended to fix in the first place. Most often the negligence is at an alarmingly basic, elementary level, and shows a general lack of care, tiredness or simple overwork on the part of the surgeon. It is increasingly common for people to require another operation to repair the damage caused by the initial operation, or to have to go back for the operation on another day, when the right equipment has been obtained, meaning that patients have to undergo 2 sets of a general anaesthetic. Clearly, this poses a bigger risk and threat to the safety and overall health of patients.

You may have had operations that went wrong on the NHS yourself – and wondered if you had a claim for compensation.

Basically, if you have been injured in England and Wales through the negligence of another, you have an entitlement to claim personal injury compensation. People are now more than ever, seeking personal injury compensation following negligently undertaken operations on the NHS in their numbers. You have every right to put your faith, belief and trust in your surgeon and to expect the very best level of care. Unfortunately that faith is not always repaid.

It is all too common for us to receive instructions in this day and age to represent clients who have been injured as a result of such medical negligence. It is to be understood that some operations take place in stressful circumstances and no one doubts that some surgery is required to save lives. However other surgery whilst not so urgent or life-threatening but necessary nevertheless, has started to lead to a concerning trend developing, from our experience.

Frequently, metalwork used in the operation such as a drill bit can break. That is not the surgeon’s fault and does not represent negligence. However, acknowledging that metalwork has come loose and is floating around the patient’s body is one thing, but then leaving it in the body, as happens more often than you would think, is quite another – and that causes problems, pain, suffering and further operations down the line.

Keyhole surgery when it works, is excellent, and less invasive, with smaller scarring. Unfortunately, all too frequently, we hear of people who suffer from secondary injury as a result of this type of procedure going wrong. If you have undergone an operation and the results were not successful, even if that was elective surgery such as plastic surgery, do not suffer in silence and add insult to the injury suffered.

We have successfully represented clients who have been the victim of medical negligence following simple basic errors that were undertaken during their operations, in which they literally laid their life in the hands of the surgeon. Metalwork being left in a body when the drill bit broke, and the surgeon not removing it, causing further pain and suffering and another, otherwise needless operation, – with further anaesthetic.

It is surprisingly common for surgeons undertaking repairs on previous operations, to have the incorrect screwdriver to remove the old screws from the patient! This means you could be lying in the operating theatre, open for longer than is necessary – going on to suffer nasty infections, further damage to the bone area as a result, and a lengthy protracted period of recovery, with further operations being required.

Simple operations to remove for example, gallstones by key-hole surgery have led to the requirement for blood transfusions and life-saving surgery, or sepsis developing around the body and prolonged periods of illness when the operation went wrong. The removal of varicose veins sounds straight forward enough, but patients have suffered from the severing of an artery instead of the removal of the vein! Failed operations to remove a ruptured appendix have led to the perforation of a bowel for example, requiring further work to repair the damage, so needlessly caused.

If you have had an operation – you know how stressful and worrying it can be. You know the problems and the pain and suffering that led to that operation being required in the first place. Imagine how much worse it would be if during that operation, simple basic errors, such as failing to check the correct screwdriver to use to remove the fixing plate already in your arm, for example, was not undertaken – and you suffered an infection or had to undergo the operation again on another day, taking time from work for a second time and the problems this brings would make you feel?

These events we are sorry to say, take place every day. If you are the victim of an unsuccessful, negligently carried out operation be that on the NHS or in private healthcare, the pain and suffering can often be immeasurable, for you and your loved ones. Do not suffer in silence.

In such situations, you need an experienced, caring and fully qualified injury solicitor, who has undertaken such types of work before, and is used to dealing with the defensive tactics and approach to such matters usually taken by the doctors and their representatives. Unfortunately, they are not so ready to admit their mistakes having made them.

Medical negligence injury compensation claims are the most difficult injury compensation claims in which to succeed. To secure the compensation you deserve, don’t hamper yourself further by instructing people who do not have the experience to deal with such claims and the tactics employed by your opponents.

Richardsons & Co Solicitors are experienced injury lawyers, based in Crewe, Cheshire, and representing Claimant’s from all around England and Wales, who understand what you are going through, and are committed to obtaining the maximum compensation you are entitled to.

Only a fully qualified experienced personal injury solicitor will deal with your claim for compensation, and will help rebuild you and your life at this difficult time. Most often, we can help you on a No Win, No Fee basis, so that you can feel confident about the compensation claim process.

Do not suffer in silence, contact the experts now, – call us for a Free No Obligation assessment of your claim on 01270 747154 or simply COMPLETE THIS SIMPLE FORM NOW. Claim today and place your trust in the experts.

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