The people of Crewe & Nantwich are rightly and justifiably proud of the industrial heritage associated with the area in Cheshire, that they, their parents and grandparents helped to build. It has to be argued that the industrial heritage of Crewe sits right up there in terms of industrial achievement, worldwide.

However, that industrial achievement whilst being something to be proud of, has in many cases, come at the expense of the very people who built that success, upon their health. In fact, you could say that the industrial success of Crewe, is literally very hard to hear for many of the people who made it great.

Why? Noise Induced Hearing Loss,in four simple words.

When you think about it, Crewe’s heritage is based upon the heavyweight engineering industries of the railways and motor industry. Many of the people of Crewe and Nantwich worked within these industries, and as such are at a high risk of having suffered a debilitating injury at work to their hearing.

Crewe is built upon, and famous worldwide for its success with the railways, but is also synonymous with motor manufacture, and both at the highest level. You will clearly understand that such heavy industry came with heavy noise. The impact of heavy industrial noise on the hearing is such that damage and hearing loss is caused very quickly and very easily.

Whilst workers who have suffered damaged hearing were unaware of the link at that time, but their employers were aware of this from as long ago as 1963. Compensation for the personal injuries caused by noise induced hearing loss is your right to claim, if you were employed in a noisy environment such as motor vehicle manufacture and the railway network or engineering and your employer took no steps to protect your hearing.

Sufferers of this debilitating disease are often misunderstood. Even their own family members do not understand the extent of the pain, injury and suffering they are going through, and how isolating it can make you feel, all through no fault of their own.

Do you find that conversations are difficult to keep up with? Do you struggle to hear female voices in particular, especially if you are not directly facing the speaker? Do you have difficulty hearing anything coherent in a loud or busy place?

Do you suffer with a constant, or even intermittent whistling and ringing in the ears, which can literally drive you crazy, and keep you awake at night? This is tinnitus. A well known cause of noise induced hearing loss. If you have suffered any of the above on a regular basis, it is likely you have noise induced hearing loss, which can easily be discovered by an audiogram hearing test.

If you worked in a heavy or noisy industrial environment and you now suffer with difficulties with your hearing, then you may be able to pursue a claim for compensation for noise induced hearing loss. From 1963, your employer knew about the potential risk to your hearing posed by a noisy work environment and was meant to take steps to prevent this, and protect your hearing.

Do not suffer in silence, help is at hand because not only are you entitled to pursue a claim for compensation for the personal injury caused by a noisy workplace, you can also pursue a claim for digital hearing aids that are discreet and can assist in improving your hearing.

If you have worked in a noisy environment and are struggling to hear or have difficulties with your hearing you need to instruct a local, expert injury solicitor with experience of dealing with claim such as yours.

Richardsons & Co Solicitors are specialist and expert personal injury solicitors located in Crewe with experience of undertaking many noise induced hearing loss personal injury compensation claims just like yours.

Only a qualified expert injury solicitor will deal with your claim for personal injury compensation.

Call us today on 01270 747154 complete the quick and easy form here, or e-mail for a FREE, no obligation assessment of your claim for compensation for noise induced hearing loss.

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