It Is Important To Make Sure You Instruct A Fully Qualified Experienced Injury Solicitor

Making a personal injury compensation claim is simple isn’t it? Insurers just pay out a set amount don’t they? These seem to be common questions people have.

Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as that. The area of personal injury compensation claims has undergone massive law changes, and not in a friendly way for the people of the country who are injured through no fault of their own, ever since 2013.

How Do I Obtain The Best Injury Solicitor Then?

First things first, if you want to get the maximum level of injury compensation possible, it is vital that you look for a specialist personal injury lawyer with experience. You only get one opportunity to pursue your claim for injury compensation. Don’t beat yourself before you’ve started, and make the wrong choice of injury solicitor.

Ideally, you want somebody who has dealt with an injury claim just like yours, or at least those arising out of similar circumstances. Experience in your personal injury solicitor really does matter and make a difference!

Why Does Experience Matter In Your Injury Lawyer?

Successful claims for compensation are now subject to a deduction from damages at a maximum 25% of the value of your claim. Many firms now use non-qualified individuals to run the ‘smaller’ injury compensation claims as a result. That is to say with a value financially of less than £25,000.

If your injury solicitor doesn’t have the level of skill and expertise – they can miss valid items of loss for which you can seek compensation – lowering the level of injury compensation and financial loss you recover. Now, more than ever, to get the best for your claim, in skill and value – you need experience.

That ‘smaller’ injury claim level amount of £25,000 actually covers about 90% of all personal injury compensation claims pursued in the UK each year by the way! Your claim deserves the very best attention – so make sure that you safeguard that and choose an experienced injury lawyer – who will cover all aspects of the claim for you to maximise your recovery, both physically, emotionally and financially.

It’s Not Just About The Money!

Claiming compensation for personal injuries can be a potentially long process. Therefore it is important you look for a personal injury solicitor that you can get on with, who can understand you and the problems that your injury has caused. By choosing someone you trust, and can believe in, it makes the whole claims process much less stressful for you.

Much of this delay can relate to how quickly you recover from your personal injuries – and whether you need treatment. Medical treatment can be costly – if you rush your injury compensation claim and settle too soon – you might have to pay for your own treatment, or suffer the pain of not being able to get the right treatment or operation when you need it!

You need to feel a relationship with your solicitor, so you can comfortably provide instructions and know you are being understood-not judged. If your personal injury solicitor has experience of undertaking claim such as yours, it is easier for them to build a rapport with you on the basis that they are confident and comfortable in the skills they possess rather than following a tick box chart.

Quality Counts

Some personal injury solicitors may boast about the speed at which they complete your claim, but when it comes to personal injury compensation claims-speed is not always the best approach.

The aim of any good personal injury lawyer is surely to obtain the maximum possible compensation for you, in the shortest possible space of time so that your claim does not become a bind. However, an inexperienced injury solicitor can place too much emphasis on the speed and can miss very important items that reduces the level of injury compensation you receive. The important aspect in a personal injury claim – is that it is exactly that – personal! Your injury solicitor must understand that. Making sure you recover physically and emotionally is just as important as what you recover financially! The key surely, is to have an injury solicitor who understands that – and gets both sorted for you.

Why Should I Choose Richardsons & Co Solicitors – Injury Solicitors In Crewe To Represent Me?

Richardsons & Co Solicitors do just that – sort your claim for you so that you are recovered physically, emotionally and financially. We believe that your claim should be handled by only a fully qualified and experienced personal injury solicitor. It is your claim and you are central to everything that we do. We take care of you at every step of the way to make your personal injury compensation claim a straightforward and stress free as it can be. It sets us apart, and we’re proud to be different in that respect.

You can rest assured that we have the skill, and experience to handle your claim confidently, and you know that only an experienced injury lawyer will be handling your claim. We have the expertise and experience, and we care about you, and your claim. We want you to succeed as much as you do – and we have the experienced injury lawyers to make it happen.

It is your claim. It matters to you. Make sure it matters to your lawyer as well. Pursue your claim now by completing a simple form or calling