What Is Additional Financial Loss?

Many people when pursuing a claim for personal injury compensation often worry and wonder whether they can claim for any losses that they have suffered as a result of the injuries suffered in their accident as well as to claim compensation for their personal injury.

The easiest way to answer this is to state that in England and Wales, the compensation you receive to make up your whole settlement award comes together in 2 ways. Your compensation award in your personal injury claim comprises of compensation for firstly and obviously, the personal injury sustained in the accident that was not your fault, and secondly for any financial losses that you have suffered as a result of that accident and the injuries. These losses can come in any number of ways. They are justifiable in your claim for compensation if you can prove a link to those financial losses/expenditures and the accident and the injury sustained.

For example, if you suffered a fall at work due to a faulty ladder, and in doing so put a large hole in your jacket, and tore the sole from your work shoes, you could also claim for the costs of replacing your work trousers and work shoes in this instance as part of your claim for compensation.

Care And Assistance Required?

Similarly, and as is not very often known by injured victims, you can claim compensation for the inconvenience caused by having to be looked after and cared for by your family members because you could not do the things that you would have done prior to having your accident that started your personal injury claim. The tasks that are often undertaken by others on your behalf include caring for your children, driving you to and from medical appointments or work, or walking your dog. This care and assistance can be included in your claim for compensation. Should this claim succeed, you ‘hold that money on trust’ for the person who has provided that care to you, and you are then free to pay them for the assistance that they provided you with.

Honestly, How Bad Can It Be? That’s What The Media Would Have You Believe!

The most obvious financial loss is of course with respect to loss of earnings. If you are absent from work as a result of the personal injuries suffered in the accident that was not your fault, your employer may not be able to afford to pay your wages. If you are without income, what would happen to you and the family? If you cannot afford to pay the mortgage, are you in danger of losing your home? These are all costs and expenses that many people do not consider or take into consideration when pursuing a personal injury claim for compensation. Obviously, the good news is that you can pursue a claim for your lost earnings suffered as a result of the personal injuries caused in this accident.

However, and as a word of warning, you cannot simply incur large expenses because you are pursuing a claim for personal injury compensation and expect your opponent to just pay it. In law, you are expected to keep your expenses incurred as a result of the accident and the injury sustained to a minimum. For example,If you have been involved in a road traffic accident and your car has been damaged to the point it cannot be driven and you needed to hire a replacement car, if you were driving a Ford Fiesta motor vehicle, you cannot hire an Aston Martin DB9 for example in its place! You are expected to hire a like-for-like vehicle, so a Ford Fiesta should be hired to replace a Ford Fiesta or similar.

To ensure that all of the compensation that you are entitled to include in your claim is included and recovered from your opponent, you need to make sure that you have an expert personal injury solicitor undertaking the claim for you. In these days where 25% of the damages that you recover for your claim payable to your solicitor in the event of a successful claim, it is more important than ever that you have a fully qualified and experienced injury solicitor undertaking all of the work on your behalf. Do not settle for an unqualified and inexperienced claims handler.

Richardsons & Co Solicitors are experienced personal injury solicitors and only a fully qualified, experienced personal injury solicitor will deal with your claim for injury compensation. This ensures that you receive them maximum compensation that you are entitled to receive, and that all of the possible items of claim that apply to you individually are explored, so that you know that nothing is left to chance in ensuring that you receive the compensation you deserve.

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