Accidents at work

Whether you work in a café, a shop, or a factory, your workplace can be a dangerous place if the correct health and safety measures are not in place you may be victim to an accident at work, and will be entitled to pursue a claim for work accident compensation.

Accidents at work can range from falls from height to slips and trips or for a fall at work, to back injuries following heavy lifting for example. It is your employer’s legal responsibility to keep you safe at work by ensuring that:

If any of these rules have not been adhered to and have resulted in you suffering a personal injury following your accident at work, then it is your legal right to seek work accident compensation. If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, ignore the negative publicity, and the alarming personal injury claim myths and claim today. Our success in securing personal injury compensation for our clients has meant that workplaces are becoming safer.

Help to promote safety in the workplace, but should the unexpected occur to you, make sure that you call Richardsons & Co Injury Solicitors today.  The law is changing and breach of a Statutory Duty/Regulation will no longer give you a right to claim compensation, you MUST prove that your employer was negligent.  This is a significant development made by the Government, and so you MUST ensure that your injury solicitor is experienced at this type of work to ensure your best prospects of success, and obtaining the compensation you deserve accordingly.  Choosing the right injury solicitor has never been more important.

 Common workplace injuries include:

Many of these injuries cause significant pain and suffering. They may also mean that you need to take time off work in order to recover, perhaps putting a strain on your finances.  You can also pursue a claim for compensation for any loss of earnings you incur as a result of your absence from work following your accident at work.  Do not worry about losing your job either, as it is unlawful for your employer to end your employment with them, should you make a claim for work accident compensation, arising out of an accident at work that was not your fault.  Please see our FAQ’s for more information about this.

If you have suffered from any of the above due to an oversight or negligence at work, call our personal injury lawyers today and receive the compensation that you and your family deserve.

Had an accident at work? You may be eligible for compensation. Call our UK personal injury lawyers today on 01270 747154 to discuss your individual requirements.

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